Listening to music up close played by skilled performers in someone's home--being an audience member just doesn't get any better than that. - John A. 

There are no words to describe the divine feeling of having world class musicians play in the intimacy of my own living room.

- Jeffrey C.

It is an ideal setting for music, where you experience it as a community and where the musicians seem like part of that community. - David P.



I love the house concerts because I am so close to the performers.  It is amazing to be able to see the expressions on their faces and their hands moving.  I really love the feeling of being part of the event.  It’s so different from being a spectator in a concert hall.  This is going to make me so much more appreciative of classical music.  - Mirele G.

Michael has a true talent for organization, and for letting the special spirit of the house concert medium, one of interaction between audience and performer, shine through. As a performer, I felt comfortable and at ease (despite a full program to play!) and I sensed that the hosts and their guests very much enjoyed the intimate setting. Even young children could join in, listen a while, then run around in the next room, and go to bed at their bedtime. Not only was the house concert an ideal preparation for my upcoming European tour, but I felt that the setting created a really personal connection - an irreplicable kind of communication - between performer and listeners. Thank you for a very rewarding experience!

- Claudia Schaer, violinist



Performing in the intimate setting of a home is not only a delight for both performers and audience members, but also vital! It is not only a way of redefining the classical musician in today's society, but also a way of returning to the very essence of chamber music. This is music written to be played in living rooms, and while it is important that we now perform in a variety of venues, I can't imagine a concert as fulfilling as playing in a home, where the energy of both performers and audience is as tangible as the equal enjoyment from both sides. This setting easily provides the invaluable opportunity of being able to talk with the audience before, during, and after a performance. And this experience, of sharing music and then being able to discuss it -- hearing feedback from the audience, feeling their interest, curiosity, and excitement -- this is what constitutes a meaningful performance for me.  - Leah Swann, violist

We have been so impressed by the performances we have been lucky enough to attend. There is really nothing quite like hearing chamber music in the intimate setting of a home.  Michael has created a truly unique experience for talented young performers and their fortunate audience members.

- Jonathan L.

Last week's concert reinvigorated my enthusiasm for classical music.  The venue completely changes how I experience the music and how I feel about it and the performers.  It was amazing. - Mali G.

Michael's house concerts are truly wonderful.  They've inspired me to learn much more about the fundamentals of music so I can appreciate what I’m hearing even more.  Everyone seems to relish these events, from musical neophytes like me to those with trained ears. - Amy M.

Beyond being so helpful for us to be able to play through the program, it was really special to be able to also talk with everyone afterwards and be reminded again why house concerts are the best way to share chamber music!  - Elizabeth L. 

Dear Michael - I hope that you realize the enormous gift you have given to the community with the house concerts.  They literally have changed my life... Home is where friends gather to enjoy music, art, and one another's company.

- Barbara K.

House concerts are the loveliest cultural and social event to hit New York in ages.  What's not to love?  Fabulous musicians gather in our living room to play music the way it's meant to be performed, for friends, for neighbors, with great food, drink, and schmoozing.  Michael Reingold has this art down to a science.  He's the catalyst who brings together the musicians, the program, the venue, and the vino!  We put our home in Michael's hands and it's a party!

- Michael H.

Michael Reingold's house concerts are an eye-opening experience, and remind you of what chamber music is all about: a closer connection to the performer and the music in a relaxed, informal environment.   The concerts work so well because of Michael's skill at finding gifted, up and coming performers; as well as, creating a welcoming, friendly atmosphere creating an ideal listening experience.  No matter where you are able to sit in a concert hall, there is no sound like a quartet in a living-room.

- Gregg D.



Preparing for a concert at Carnegie Hall requires stamina- a lot goes into the artistic process, and as everyone knows "practice makes perfect!". But this is only one side of being a performing musician. Michael Reingold's NYC house concerts series is a transforming experience, and has shown me the ideal way to get ready for the concert hall setting: to simply perform music in an intimate, celebratory environment which it was always meant to be performed in. That special aura that makes a home so inviting is the most exhilarating way to share music with others- and having engaging conversations before, during and after a performance just adds to the thrill of celebrating  togetherness. I highly recommend participating in NYC house concerts!

- Caitlin Sullivan, cellist

For singer-songwriters accustomed to playing clubs, house concerts are a breath of fresh air.  The house concert arranged by Michael Reingold was no exception.  Upon my arrival, I was greeted by our wonderful hosts' two adorable daughters, who took me under their wings and showed me the lay of the land.  I was treated to delicious food, plenty to drink, and, most importantly, an attentive and engaged audience that was eager for both music and stories.  Thanks to Michael's thoughtful planning, the evening was well attended and went off without a hitch.  I can't wait to play another NYC House Concert!  - Clare Burson, singer-songwriter